Saturday, October 2, 2010

World Vegetarian Day Party

Last night was our world vegetarian day celebration! We had so much yummy food! Not as many people showed up as we would have liked, but we had some good times and enjoyed the food. Everyone had a different favorite it seemed! Here are just a few pictures from last night. I'll be giving out the recipes for all the food over the next week, so be on the lookout if you see something you particularly like!

Below are the wonderfully delicious shake and bake tomatoes that my husband made. They are his own recipe, and were one of our guests, Jeremy's, favorite.
These are our Roasted Pepper Beggar's Purses. We used the Chive Crepes recipe and filled them with a super yummy filling! Details on the filling will be coming later this week!

Next we have our yummy couscous cups. I got the idea from the blog Cooking With My Kid but we made them mini and changed a few ingredients. They were fabulous!
One of the night's favorites though were the mixed berry crepes, I am excited to share this recipe later! The crepes, filling, and berries can all be in your freezer for a quick and beautiful dessert that can be made for unexpected guests. They will think you were expecting them the whole time.

I hope you all enjoyed seeing some "Food Porn" and I hope you will come back to the blog soon to find more delicious recipes!